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When my Grand Dad died 15 years ago, he left me a loft apartment in lower end New York. I moved to live in New York and began restoring the loft apartment.

In some old boxes, I found my Grand Dad's analog camera he had been using for ages. This was some kind of sign I recalled and the rest is history.

Enjoy the show.

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4 Reasons For Appointing Waste Removal Services

Removal of waste is a hectic task, and it takes a lot of careful handling. At times, it is mandatory to engage clean up services so that the rubbish gets disposed of in a decent way and you do not have to do them yourself. Especially in the case of construction sites, this really is of utmost importance as you have to cope with a lot of hazardous materials.


Once you appoint a reputed concern for eliminating the waste, you don’t have to pay attention to it. They will clean up your home and let you pay attention to the matters of immediate concern, like making dark ambient space music.

Advantages of Removing Garbage by Professionals

Below are provided a few of the reasons that you will get in the event that you hire some professional services for waste management:

• Proper Handling of Wastes – A lot of problems may crop up if you cannot handle the garbage and get rid of it the proper manner, like not splurging on the best synthetic urine for your drug test. This could even call for fines along with issues regarding citation. Moreover, you are able to over dump a particular dumpster and it may turn out to be quite hazardous and even cause injury or liability. Damage to property is also one of the many risks that you may call for.

• Construction Wastes – While getting rid of the construction site wastes you need to handle a lot of junk and debris removal. This is because you have to handle a lot of building materials which have accumulated because of renovation or remodelling of the buildings. You dispose of the rubbish by keeping a dumpster in your driveway. However it is not easy to carry this overloaded trash. It involves a whole lot of risks, and you may wind up injuring yourself. So it is always better to hand over the tasks to some professional junk removal service in CedarPark, Tx.

•Removal of Medical Wastes – Medical wastes always require special attention. This is because if you dump medical wastes at the incorrect place, then it may so happen that you result in some irreparable damage to the environmental surroundings. Medical tools and even pharmaceuticals can be detrimental to the society if not relinquished properly. The medical waste removal service providers have certain time regulations within that they collect and get rid of it. If you let your companies know about certain rules that you must adhere they will stick to them.

•Hazardous Waste Materials – In terms of hazardous waste materials are concerned it is best to hand it over to the pros, like trying to find the best dark ambient music. This will take away the duty of adhering to the environmental measures as well as protection of the liability. The professional businesses dealing with the hazardous materials are well equipped with the appropriate tools for disposing of the waste and at the same time, stay glued to all the governmental rules.

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Trash Bags, Trash Liners, And Gallon Bags For Easy Clean-Up

Cleanup is so much easier with the best tools for catching most of the mess and clutter of everyday activities at work, in the home or in a business setting. Use sturdy plastic trash bags, trash liners and various gallon sized bags for every need around the house, office, warehouse or business. They keep clutter safely saved and can hold most items securely, without leakage.

Get sizes for every container, from small trash baskets to large trash cans. Bags and liners come in all sizes and in many shapes to fit various receptacles. Popular bags like Glad ForceFlex Trash Bags stop problems you might have been having with old style bags that would not have elastic bands to hold them securely on the cans. Pest and rodent problems disappear when you used rat repellent garbage bags. Black or white garbage bags, biohazard waste bags, kitchen bags with drawstrings, commercial bags and high or low-density trash bags suit every purpose at home or work.

Trash cans are available in all sizes, and so do trash can liners and bags. From small 4 gallon trash bags to medium 8 – 13 gallon trash bags or large 55 gallon sizes, it is good to match up the bag size to the container for maximum utility and capacity. Select strong bags from major manufacturers who keep improving their products as new needs develop. Keep trash cans with bags or liners located conveniently around large workspaces such as warehouses, so they are easily seen and used by everyone.

For more information on construction dumpster rentals in Austin visit Rubbish Inc Dumpster Rental.

Taking out fully the trash on pick-up day is easier also, because you know these strong trash bags and trash liners are not going to break and spill their contents all over the area. Gallon trash bags fit regular size wastebaskets that many offices are using. The bags help keep small bits of paper or shreds from flying all over the office. Try placing an empty bag in the underside of these baskets so that when you take out the full bag, the next is ready and available to set up in the basket right away.

For the best selection, visit your favorite online janitorial and cleaning supplies wholesaler. Most orders are filled promptly, in any quantity and therefore are delivered to any location quickly. Add plastic garbage bags and trash liners or bags to your regular shipments so you never come to an end of refills

NEW YORK - MAY 20: Actor David Canary and Oscar The Grouch present an award at the 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at Radio City Music Hall May 20, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

NEW YORK – MAY 20: Actor David Canary and Oscar The Grouch present an award at the 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at Radio City Music Hall May 20, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Keeping a workspace, office or warehouse clean and free of debris is a safety issue. Maintaining that nice, neat look at home or work is simple when you incorporate the use of trash handling materials and supplies. Remember to order other supplies for cleaning at the same time, such as brooms, mops, buckets, vacuum bags and dusters. Go online to check out the available in-stock inventory of trash management supplies today!

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The Advantages of Recycling for the City of London

London saves around thirty million pounds each year through recycling. The saving can be made as it is cheaper to recycle than to landfill. Financial support for recycling is available for London boroughs through the Recycle for London’s Borough Service Support programme. London boroughs may possibly request funds for advice on communications as well as for recycling, reuse and waste prevention issues that focus on delivering more recycling or composting leading to less landfill from homes. The future aims include recycling of business waste.

Recycling involves treating waste used materials to produce new goods. The benefits include: –
• Less fresh materials are required.
• Possible useful materials are not thrown-away.
• Less water contamination associated with landfills.
• Paid off air pollution associated with burning.
• A reduction of conventional waste disposal.
• New job and business creation for haulage, processing and attempting to sell recovered materials, as well as businesses that distribute products created using the recycling.

In some types of recycling, the of good use material must be salvaged from quite complex products, as an example lead from batteries or gold from computer hardware.

In a perfect world, recycling of any product would again and again produce a fresh supply of the same product. However this is usually impossible, office paper being fully a prime example. Recycling, for that reason necessarily often results in numerous materials such as paperboard.

The real history of Recycling

Recycling has been practiced for millennia. Archaeological digs have demonstrated that when resources were scarce, waste dumps revealed less household waste materials such as ash and broken tools and utensils indicating that used materials were being recycled to supplement new materials.

When there is conflict, international trade may not be feasible, and this motivates governments to legislate in preference of recycling. During the Second World War, for example , the governments of every country involved imposed strict rules and regulation on its people. Politicians came to see the advantages of recycling even in peace-time. It was especially relevant for countries such as Japan with few natural resources.

From the 1970s onwards, the price of energy has been rising rapidly. The energy requirements to make virgin aluminium are twenty-fold that required for recycling. The energy factor similarly is needed for other metals and glass,

The Recycling Process

For a recycling program to function efficiently there needs to be a sizable on-going supply of recyclable material. Many countries now operate obligatory collection laws that determine targets that cities must achieve. This is often in the form of a proportion of material that must be diverted from the city’s waste.

Powerful magnets are used to separate out ferrous metals, such as iron, steel, and tin-plated cans. nonferrous metals are removed by magnetic eddy currents.

Glass has to be sorted by hand according to colour.

The Economics of Recycling

A sizable portion of waste comes from industry. Some people question whether recycling is economically efficient and the focus of many recycling programs in industry is understandably cost-effectiveness. One dilemma is that most products aren’t designed with recycling in mind. As energy costs go up, industry may come to appreciate that long-term planning should include recycling.



The economic benefits change in line with the materials being recycled. For many materials, the return on investment (ROI) is high: In 2009, over fifty percent of all aluminium cans in production came from recycling. As consumption of a natural resources grows, exhaustion is unavoidable. The best recycling can achieve may be the delayed consumption of natural resources. The commercial advantage of recycling depends on the skill of the recycling programs.

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What to Look For in a Commercial Construction Contractor

The general outcome of any build structure relies on a single, extremely important decision – choosing the right commercial demolition contractor. A defectively selected commercial construction contractor is likely to build a poor quality commercial building that will end up costing more than what was budgeted for and may not be the thing that was originally intended. Therefore , there are numerous of important attributes individuals should look for in any prospective commercial construction contractor.


A great commercial construction contractor should present them self and operate their construction business in a business-like demeanor. A good contractor will respect the schedule of the company owner and always appear on time and ready to do whatever needs to be done that day. They will be competent, organized and able to deal directly with any questions or concerns the business owner may possibly have. They will create a sense of confidence because they’re not going to break any promises. Individuals should look at what sort of contractor deals with them before they sign the contract. It will say a lot about how precisely that individual expects to be treated throughout the duration of the project.

Communication is a key attribute in any commercial construction contractor. Construction is recognized as a “people business. ” A good contractor is also an excellent listener and communicator. They are going to translate the ideas of the individual and their goals into a very workable plan and then provide insight on what can be expected. They will produce a strong base for a great working relationship and build positive rapport. If someone does not feel as though they have been communicating with a contractor effectively during the interview process, chances are it will continue through the project.

Commercial construction is a complex task. The contractor needs to demonstrate the experience and skills needed seriously to get the job done. They need to have years of experience before they are able to manage a large project. You will find different kinds of projects and it is crucial that you find a contractor that has the ability in that type of commercial construction work. If they do, keep these things deliver proof in the form of referrals and recommendations.

A good, more successful commercial construction contractor may have a professional reputation. This can be determined through the use of references. Ask the contractor to provide references. Ask them to include not only references for themselves, but any other businesses they may work with, including material suppliers. It is important to realize that all companies involved have a professional reputation.

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Cleaning Tips – How to Repair Water Damage and Handle Water Emergencies

As a homeowner, you should often be concerned about how to clean up Austin water damage and mold, even if it has really not yet happened to you. In fact, this is every homeowner’s worst nightmare scenario, and it generates no difference whether the damage is caused by a faucet that was not turned off, a burst pipe, a bad rainstorm, or a flash flood. The fact is that water may cause massive amounts of damage really short time, and you should know what to complete if you should ever have to proceed through a cleanup.


It is quite evident that the first thing you have to do is to find the source of the water and begin from there. If your bathing tub or toilet overflowed, or if rain got into your basement or crawlspaces, that’s very easy to see. However, if water is seeping through cracks in the ceiling, or if it is staining your walls, it may be extremely tough to get to the source.

If you have a leaky roof, then you have to fix your roof straight away so that you can stop any further damage. If you have a leaky pipe or a burst pipe, you need to shut off your water supply until you will find the damaged pipe.

Before getting started on your cleanup, you’ll need to determine just how badly things are damaged in your home. You could have a limited amount of injury to your drywall, floors, ceilings, and so on, or you might have damage to the home’s structural integrity, including the foundation. This will depend on how long you have experienced the leak, and how long the water has received to cause damage to your home.

This article will proceed on the assumption that you have the time and equipment to handle the cleanup all on your own, so the very first thing that you need to do is to get fresh air moving through the area that is water damaged. You need to open your windows, your doors, turn on your fans, make box fans, etc . Everything you are trying to accomplish is to completely dry out the area, and this will assist you to reduce bad smells afterwards.

The next thing you are going to need is a dehumidifier, and you want to get it going as quickly as you can. The dehumidifier will take that moisture out from the air, which will really aid in your water damage cleanup and maybe even ameliorate the effects of the water damage.

When you have lots of air going and the dehumidifiers running, you need to grab books, magazines, photographs, cardboard, and any other paper products. You need to throw them away if they are not valuable and if they are heavily damaged.

You should be able to make copies of most of your paperwork, but then make sure you throw the damaged paper away. If you have valuables that have been damaged considerably, put them in a frost-free freezer, in order to find a water damage restoration professional as quickly as possible to see whether or not they can be restored and saved.

The next step in the process would be to acquire a wet and dry vacuum and clean up most of the water that you can. You will discover that the vacuum will be especially helpful with carpeting, upholstered furniture, wooden and tiled floors. You need to continue using the vacuum until you have cleaned up the bulk of the water and also to prevent any further water damage to your residence.

You need to be especially careful with wooden surfaces that were water damaged, so get the fans and dehumidifiers available your wooden surfaces as soon as possible so they can dry out. While you have the machinery going, you might want to try using fresh, clean water and mild detergent to wash treated wood. However , you need to know that if the wood was not effectively treated, you can be with permanent damage until you work very quickly and effortlessly.

You can also clean other surfaces with mild detergent and fresh, clean water, and you will even want to scrub them with a small brush if needed. You may want to repeat the process if there are areas that were badly water damaged or if they were greatly affected by your water emergency.


Drywall and ceiling damage will probably occur as a result of your water emergency, so you will need to carefully inspect your walls and ceilings to try and spot the damage. Generally speaking, drywalls and ceilings often will be dried out as long as they’ve not swelled or buckled and the seams continue to be intact. Swelling, buckling and seam separation are signs of greater damage, and that means that you will have to replace the entire damaged area. Even although you manage to dry things out thoroughly, you will probably have to prime and paint the places that water affected the absolute most.


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What to Expect During Your Home’s Roof Replacement Project

Replacing your roof is an crucial part of maintaining your home. A damaged or improperly maintained roof can cause thousands and dollars in damage to other areas of the home. Repairs only go so far, and eventually it will be time for you to replace your roof entirely. Replacing your roof can appear to be a daunting task for initially homeowner. Choosing between a huge selection of professional roofing contractors may be confusing. Thankfully, the project of getting a new roof just isn’t too complicated, and it will help to know what to expect.


The first step in any roof replacement project is obtaining estimates and choosing a contractor. It’s a good idea to research several businesses. Make sure they have good reputations and are licensed in a state. Be sure to obtain estimates from several contractors before signing a contract, as roofing estimates can have a wide range. There are numerous factors that can influence the price of a roof replacement. It’s good to know a little about them before you get too involved.

The size and slope of the roof, the materials getting used, and the region of the nation can all affect the last cost of the project. A roof that is specially steep and slippery will definitely cost more to replace than a roof that is more easily accessible. The height of the roof matters as well. Roofs on two-story homes are more high priced to replace than roofs on ramblers or ranchers. This really is simply because it’s easier for the workers to access a roof that is closer to the floor. Also, like almost anything, prices vary depending on where you live. Roof replacements cost more in places where the general cost of living is higher. The frequency of roof replacements differs depending on the region of the county aswell. Roofs in the Midwest generally need to be replaced more frequently than roofs in the rest of the country due to extreme weather. Likewise, homeowners in Southern California replace their roofs less often considering that the weather is usually mild year-round.

There are several different types of roofs you’ll have installed. The materials can range in price anywhere from $1 to $40 or more per square foot. The most common roofing material is asphalt shingles. These are relatively inexpensive and therefore are usually guaranteed to last anywhere between 20 and 30 years. They come in may possibly different colors to compliment the exterior of your home. Another kind of roofing is wood shake, which usually costs $6 to $9 a square foot. These roofs are usually made from cedar and can last 12 to 25 years, nevertheless they require almost constant maintenance. Metal roofing such as copper or aluminum can cost $15-$20 a square foot. Tile roofs, such as terra cotta, are generally used in southwestern architecture and cost $6 to $9 a square foot. (Tiles are not recommended in areas with frequent rainfall, as they have a tendency to leak. ) A slate roof is the most durable, though it is also the most expensive, and will cost up to $40 a square foot ($120, 000 to replace a 3, 000 square foot roof). Slate is generally used on upscale homes and can last up to 200 years or maybe more depending on the quality.

Along with being inexpensive, asphalt shingles require little maintenance, making them the most popular roofing choice for American homeowners. While asphalt shingle roofs are often built to last 25 or 30 years, the actual expected life of your roof can differ depending on where you live. High speed winds, hurricanes, heavy storms, blizzards, and dramatic temperature fluctuations decrease the longevity of your roof. Estimates for replacing an asphalt shingled roof can range from $1, 500 to $9, 000 depending on the size of the roof as well as location.

The price of a roof replacement project varies depending on where you live. A roof replacement costs less in the Midwest than it does in the Northeast. In places where the general cost of living is higher, roof replacements will surely cost more as well. If you reside in the Midwest, you will need to supercede your roof more often. High speed winds, tornadoes, blizzards, and ice storms will all wreck havoc on your roof. Temperature fluctuations can also damage roofs. In the desert the temperature can be over 100 degrees during the day and drop to 50 or 40 degrees at night. 20-year asphalt shingles in Arizona and New Mexico last on average only 15 years, due to sustained damage from temperature fluctuations. Homeowners in regions with mild weather can get away with more moderate roof repairs, putting off full replacements for longer amounts of time.

Roof replacement estimates can vary depending on all of these factors (location, materials, etc . ). The last cost once the work is completed may be higher than the first estimate, as your roof may have some unforeseen damage that will add to the final cost. Underneath the shingles, your roof could be rotted or have water damage. Replacing the roof support system can add 1000s of dollars to the bill, with respect to the extent of the damage. This is a good incentive to keep your roof precisely maintained and have it replaced on time.

When you’re choosing your roofing contractor, ask for references. You’ll definitely want to see examples of their work with local homes. When giving an estimate, a contractor will come to your house to inspect your roof. He’ll make a number that factors in the cost of materials and labor, including the cost of stripping and throwing away the old shingles. The estimate includes the cost of removal and disposal of the old roofing material. If not, inquire about this to avoid surprises. There exists a chance that there will be some unforeseen costs in the project, so it is good to prevent as many of these as possible. Following the visit, they will send you a written contract. A contract from a roofing company should include a description of what is to be achieved, as well as when it is to be performed and a schedule for payment. Having it all written down can protect the homeowner later on. Be sure to shop around before settling on a specific contractor, as prices can vary considerably.

When you have chosen your roofing materials and your contractor, it’s time to set a date for the project. The actual work of replacing the roof can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of the roof. You ought to plan to have someone in the home while the work is being done. If they have any questions or discover any additional difficulties with your roof, it helps that you’re home to discuss things with them.

Before the workers arrive, it’s good to remove any items that may get in the way of their ladders. Climbing on roofs can be dangerous, even for professionals, so it’s best to stay out of their way. First, the roofers rip out all the old roofing shingles and replace any rotted or damaged wood in the roof. Next they lay a base, and then they lay the shingles. Roof work is noisy. Expect to hear a whole lot of hammering as well as people running around all over your roof. It’s not really an invasive home repair. You won’t have workmen coming inside your house. As long as you don’t mind the noise, it’s not much of an inconvenience.

When the old shingles have now been stripped, any un-shingled portions of the roof must be covered with a tarp overnight to protect your home in the event of rain or overnight storms.

Once your new roof is completed, make sure the workers have cleaned up all of the debris that has fallen. Each time a roof is replaced, the workers usually toss the pieces of the old roof onto the ground or right into a dump truck as they truly are working. Once the bulk of the old material is discarded, responsible companies will cleanup after themselves to ensure customer care. They usually have a magnetic broom that picks up most of the nails and other materials that can be hazardous as well as unsightly. You may find a shingle or two in your yard afterwards, which is perfectly normal.

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Minimize Pickup After Home Renovations

Use A Local Company For Dumpster Rental And Debris Removal

Large Appliance Removal:

03a51542If you have large appliances that you need to get rid of, then you need to call on a company that specialises in large appliance removal. They can come to you and pick up your old broken refrigerators, stoves, etc. and dispose of them properly.

How to Dispose of Imported Metal:

When you have scrap metal that needs to be disposed of then you should call a professional that knows the proper procedures to follow in order to effectively recycle your scrap or discarded metal pieces.

How to protect your house while moving:
When you are moving you want to make sure that you don’t damage your home trying to remove waste and junk appliances. Be sure to call a trained professional that can remove your junk easily and discard of it in the appropriate manner.

Renovation without scuffing or breaking the driveway/garage:

Leave your trash removal to a professional. There is a likelihood of an accident that will permanently create damage to your driveway or even your garage while trying to maneuver the debris outside to the designated dumping spot. Have a professional bring a dumpster and dispose of that garbage without damages to your property.

How Big of a Dumpster Do You Need?:

Consult with your professional dumpster delivery service to determine what is the best size dumpster rental for your project. Have the requested information regarding the job and the types of materials that will be disposed of in the project.

Why Local Disposal Methods are Best:

When doing business with a local company, you keep money in the area and everyone benefits from your wise choice. Keep in mind that local companies offer more flexibility and wiggle room when doing business with you.

Insiders Tips on Getting the Best Dumpster for Your Buck:

Call your local dumpster provider and

Local Business is Best:

Working with a local business has many advantages. For instance, if you do business with us you will get personalized service and the ability to negotiate services that fit your needs.

Minimize Pickup After Home Renovations:

Don’t leave a huge mess after home renovations, be sure to have a company in mind that can clean up the mess and leave you to enjoy your new surroundings.

Strategic Moving:

A junk removal service will help you get to where you need to be will eliminations messes and debris that can get in the way.

Negotiation tactics:

When you are trying to get the best price, be sure to compare prices for the type of dumpster rental that you will be needing. Call your local provider to discuss options and pricing and compare the quotes that you receive.

Protect your Home while removing debris:

Don’t cause damage to your home unnecessarily. Call your local professionals to take care of the job to prevent accidents and damage.

House Renovations:

02j91202When renovation your home there will be a great deal of trash and large items that need to be discarded. You need to rent a dumpster from a quality company that will provide quick and affordable access to a dumpster that is the right size for your project.


When you are moving you will have plenty of unwanted items that will need to be discarded. That is why you need to rent a dumpster and have all of the refuse carted off efficiently.

Disposal Services:

Go with the very best top quality company to disposed of junk and debris. Check their websites and read customer reviews to get an idea of the types of services they offer and how satisfied their previous customers are.

Asset Protection:

Keep the property value of you home up and keep the debris picked up and hauled off by a skilled professional team. Unwanted junk will make your property value much lower than it will be in pristine condition.

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Local Business is Best

The local businesses have been of great help to local people in a wide range of ways. The entities have been offering a wide variety of services to the local residence. Apart from that, the companies have also created a good number of jobs to local people who were jobless before.

03a14628Some of the services currently being rendered by the entities include dumpster rental. People can now rent out dumpster of different sizes depending on their demands. In cases where fewer people will use the facility then, one should consider renting a smaller one.
There has been an increase in the number of entities offering the service. Because of that most of the entities have been forced to lower their rates so as to increase their market segment. This has been facilitated by the fact that there has been an increase in competition among the service providers due to their increase. Due to that, many people can now afford to enjoy the utility without spending a lot of cash.

Because of the increase in the number of local businesses offering different services to local people, customer service being rendered to the clients has been improving. This has been facilitated by the high competition being faced by service providers. This is one of the ways of convincing more customers to purchase their products.

Apart from dumpster rental other affiliated services being offered include junk removal. It is critical for one to ensure that all the waste being realized is being disposed and handled in the right manner. In case the waste is mishandled in any way the local people may be infected by dangerous diseases which can threaten one’s life.

A good number of Local businesses have the right machinery which handles waste without endangering the health of your family. With the availability of right technology all process has been made easy and affordable and thus can be enjoyed by a broad range of persons. Apart from that, it has also created a good disposal criteria which have promoted a healthy lifestyle in the region.

All process have also been professionalized by the entities. Thus, local persons can get high-quality utility. In the past, such activities could be handled with people who are not well trained. Because of that, the lives of people was being put into threat since some waste was not being disposed of by the entities offering the service.

Everyone can now access the service despite your location. This has been facilitated by the fact that there are entities of this nature all over the country. In the recent past, some people could not enjoy this utility mainly because there were no companies offering the service in that location.

Apart from the local businesses offering services to their clients across the country, the entities have also been a blessing to the local people since it has helped in improving the local amenities that were in bad condition in the past. Some of these facilities include roads and playing grounds.

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Insiders Tips on Getting the Best Dumpster for Your Buck

You need to be sure that you have talked to a company that can rent you a dumpster that will help you clean up your home, but you have to be sure that your dumpster rental is the right size and price for you. The size of the dumpster will tell you how much you can put into the dumpster, and you also have to be sure that you have gotten something that is the right price for you. We can give you the right price and the right size for the dumpster when you ask, and you will be able to have it delivered when you need it.

The best part of this is that you can get multiple dumpsters in a row if you need them, and you will have them picked up on your schedule. That is a lot cheaper than trying to take things to the dump on your own, and you also need to be sure that you are careful when filling it. It is actually something that people can do at any time, and it is also very important for people to remember that they need to get something that is the right size for their job.

You can call and find out how easy it is to get the right dumpster, and you can share how much space you are working in to be sure you get the right size. The right size for a small apartment is different from the right size for a large house. You can get a very large dumpster to fit in your driveway if you need, or you can get a smaller one that will fit in a parking space outside your apartment. There are many choices to make, and you need to be sure that you have chosen to get something that works for you.

Your plans for the dumpster have to consider the weather in the area, and you also have to be sure that you have figured out how long you think it will take. We can help you make sure that the rental lasts as long as it should, and then we will be there to help you get it picked up when you need. That is why we are here to help you, and we will get rid of all that extra junk in your home out of it and we take it away for you.

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If you are only going to one exhibition this year..

Then I urge you to visit the new Tom Awkies exhibition in lower east side New York. Photographs with layers upon layers of visual information. Total brain meltdown once you start analyzing Janelle Awkward's images. The exhibition here in New York was absolutely stunning and I can 100% recommend it.

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

Absolutely stunning...

Tom Awkies is on of the best photographers in our lifetime. She is able to capture our complex lives with simple motives. The new show at New York Center of Photography contains some of Janelle Awkward's best photos from her early period and up until 2010.

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

My photo awards


Awkward but social